Help, I can't hear ATC

I have an active live account for infinite flight. My problem is that i cant hear ATC, I am aware that only some airports and regions have atc but i fly to regions where ATC is active but I cannot here my ATC i can only see the messages. How can I listen to it? Thank you!

Thanks for contacting support!

Firstly, please ensure that after you have tuned into a live frequency, your “ATC Volume” is sufficiently high in the menu shown below;

If this is not the problem, we suggest restarting the app and trying again. If you then encounter the same issue a re-install of the app would be your best bet. You won’t have to pay for the app or any in game purchases again.



Also ensure you haven’t got your device on mute.


Also check out this topic for tips: (they also solved it here by just restarting IF)

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Sometimes if an ATC message is being read by the automated voice and you use Siri (iOS) or close the app during the readout this cause the ATC to be left for the rest of the duration of your flight. Whilst it is annoying the only thing you can do is restart infinite flight or if it persists reinstall and try again

It still doesnt work… i tried everything… i reinstalled the game, made sure my phone was not in mute ans the atc volume is in high setting the device that i am using is my samsung galaxy s8…

Go to Settings in your phone; then search for Text-to-Speech, enable Samsung TTS.

Also you may need to install a voice data, make sure that if you installed for example “English US Female” to set language to English US

Also make sure that all your device sound arent mute


Thank you so much! Now i can here atc !!! God bless you!

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