Help: I cannot log in anymore

Whenever I try to login to the forum, as of 2 days ago it gave me a message saying "You cannot login as AlaskaVirtual from that IP address." So the first thing I did when this first happend was I checked the Internet connection. The Internet was working fine. Google was working, Infinite Flight Live was working, etc.

I then tried reseting my password. It sent me an email with the confirmation and I changed it. After I changed it, it gave me and option to direct me to the IF community site. I clicked it and it lead me straight to it and I was logged in as AlaskaVirtual. So I figured I just had to reset my password and it would be fine. To clarify, I loged out and tried to log back in. It gave me the same message “You cannot login as AlaskaVirtual from that IP address” At this point I am starting to get frustrated. I leave it alone for the night. The next day I go to a friends house for help. I connect to his Internet with my IPad and try to login, and it works just fine.

Does any one have any ideas? Is there something wrong with my internet, even though Google and everything else is working? Do I have to keep reseting my password just to login? Please help.

You have two accounts.


Contact a mod to whitelist your ip. When they ask what your IP is, just google IP address and the first thing that comes back is your ip for that device. Provide those numbers to the moderator and everything will be fine. Same thing happened to me 2 days ago :)


Yes also that


Thank you :)

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