Help, how to rotate the plane?

So, I have IPhone X Ana actually I don’t know how to rotate my plane. Also, I don’t know how to climb or descend the plane. A kind of a stupid question, but, please, help)


It’s good to see you’ve bought your issue to the community and not just deleted the game. If you want to use autopilot to rotate you use the VS and ALT buttons on your screen. Set your altitude and once you reach takeoff speed start increasing the VS. Alternatively you can tilt your device forwards to descend android towards you to ascend. Hope this helps!


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Not sure what’s going wrong here - some screenshots would help.
Remember: during takeoff, make sure all your auto-pilot buttons are off. Use tips as provided above by Cormac.

We have a lot of good tutorials on YouTube. Check here.

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I think it’s mostly that OP has no idea how any of the controls work, not that AP is enabled stopping him from having manual control. I don’t think anything has gone wrong, just that he doesn’t know how to actually use the game.

As already stated above. Ensure autopilot is off. When at let’s say 160 knots apply back pressure to your device and aim for 12 degree pitch for climb out. Best is to check tutorials. Best of luck

I’d suggest you to only use autopilot when me, at least once we have all been addicted to autopilot so much we never took off or landed without it…but that is no fun. To be a good pilot I suggest take off and land manually:)

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What? Do people actually use autopilot to rotate?

The fact that it’s possible, doesn’t mean it should be used like that. Especially since IF is a sim and not a game. 😉

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You rotate your aircraft by rotating your phone towards you ie the top the edge of screen should move closer to you. Once you get your desired pitch tab and speed tap vs and speed button. I really recommend you starting out with a GA plane first rather than a airliner so practice the basics.

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The C172/C208 is one of the best options in game to learn on.


Dont pull your device wildly towards you just a slight tilt

Use trim 👌👌👌 Elevator trim explanation and procedures

Look at the tutorial videos. There is plenty

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