[Help] How do you land a 737-900 properly?

Just bought the 737 900 and would like to know how do you guys land it.

Is this an okay flare by the way?


First thing is to not stall. Speed and weather conditions are always a factor


Due to it being a slightly older model the 739 doesn’t have the latest and greatest in terns of IF flying experience. Just practice using your throttle mainly versus actual elevator movement when landing, you’ll find yourself landing at -80 FPM like myself after practicing with it for a while. Landing speeds for the 739 are around 130 knots depending on your weight, and be careful to not strike the engines on tje ground due to the stubby gear. Also, when rotating, watch the tail for the love of God.

and yes that was a good flare, maybe an extra degree or so and it’d have been perfect.


I suggest coming in slightly faster than normal, because I do notice that the plane ends up flaring a lot more than expected. It’s easy to get smooth landings with lots of practice. But try and come in faster. It helps:)


Landing speeds on the 739 should be higher, for medium weights id say 140-150


Nice flare, but you don’t what to come in below 140 kts. I usually do 150. And you don’t want to land on the very edge of the runway. Try to aim for the the white rectangles on the runway.


I usually touch down at 135 just fine on medium weight

Edit: now I see the issue, I kept saying 130 and 135. Sorry about that, new case, hard to type.

No! Lol, it’s fine, just try to drop that VS to about -200-300ft/s and it’d be better.
How to land that plane. Uhm… just navigate it to the runway about 155kts.

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I don’t get what you mean, most planes land with the back wheels first then the nose comes down after, just like every other plane… (I’m sorry if this doesn’t help)

Make sure you pass the threshold at 50 feet, and land your aircraft at landing aiming point with 5°, 142 knots and flaps 40. Dont forget to release your engine thrust at 10 feet

The 739 is a long plane. Don’t over-flare the plane or else it will result in a tailstrike. Flare at an angle on 3-4°. To make the landing smoother, fly the approach at higher speeds and approach at 1-2°. Cut throttle at approx 25 feet and gently lift the nose up. Hope these helped.


If you still need help, what do you need help doing

55-60 n1 speed flaps 30 approach speed REF, 155 kts at 30 feet bring throttle to idle at 10 feet 0 power

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