Help HELP!

Why doe my infinite flight look like this
When I get onto a flight this happens but the Home Screen is ok
I have tried on all servers 2 planes and 3 airports


To be clear, you’re only seeing a white screen with nothing else on it right? Otherwise the image on my end isn’t loading right.

Yes! (10 chars

My first guess is glitched visibility

Generally, with issues like these, I recommend that you reboot your device and try again. If that doesn’t work, I recommend contacting the staff at This isn’t something that seems to be happening commonly, so I think it’s best to have them investigate further if it’s something that cannot be resolved with a simple reboot.


Well… it seems it was a freak accident it’s all fine now

I’ll report the bug as multiple users had this issue today

Can you also reproduce the issue?


I have some info how and will try it now

I know users who can repro it

if you can’t then don’t make a topic please. thanks


Oh I had that same problem when I landed at Toronto with very heavy fog couldn’t see a thing while playing.


Which device is currently using and the operating system is used?


After playing around with this for sometime, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a result of bypassing the time it takes for fog to slowly drop when you exit out and then come back in.

If you spawn into an airport that has or is under IFR conditions (meaning low visibility) exit, and then respawn right away, you bypass the time it would take for the visibility to go from 25-50km down to say 0km. Like a light switch is instant, this is the same sort of concept.

You can set in your toolbar the visibility to be displayed and you can watch how normally the visibility would drop slowly if you spawn in and don’t exit. Take note of where the visibility is at when you leave. And then when you spawn back in, you’ll see that the visibility went straight to the lowest as published in the METAR or current IRL weather conditions.

If we knew where your pictures were taken that would help, but I could tell you that the airport that you spawned at, its IRL counterpart does not have good visibility.



actually i pushed back and then waited for 4 hours before taxiing due to some work (lol)

Some time ago, I encountered the same problem when I landed in Toronto, I can’t see anything in the cockpit view… I thought it was an individual phenomenon or a problem with my equipment at that time, but now it looks like it is indeed a bug…😥😥😥

Please see:

Message has been passed along and may be looked at by devs sometime in the future.