Help guys.

Hey guys going by my violations how many more landing so you reckon I require to get into expert server.

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232 landings because of a 1:2 ratio

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So when I get to 232 landing I should be back to normal.

First things first, 28 more landings are needed for the current grade you’re working towards. With that said,

The math:

  • 116/88 = 1.32 (what you have)
  • 116/116 = 1.0 (what you need)

So, if 116 landings are needed, then subtract the required landings by what you currently have.

116 - 88 = 28

That will get you to meet the next grade requirements.

But like Matthew Chan said, you will need 2 times the number of landings than you have in terms of violations to get into the expert server.


Thanks for that deer crusher. Much appreciated. Been working hard to try get there but will eventually. Determination is key.

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I would recommend getting into a small aircraft and doing touch and goes. You could easily get enough landings within 30 minutes. Just pick an airport with multiple runways. Take off from one, land on another. Give it a try. Good luck!


Thanks chatta I will give it a go

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Just do some touch and goes every day. If you want more XP do those touch and goes in windy conditions.

It should be noted that all of these numbers assume a static number of violations. If you keep getting violations, the number of landings needed will continue to increase proportionally.


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