Help global doesn't load on wifi

My if only works if i use my mobile data and i dont want to do that. I have to leave my phone at the house the whole time pls help.

What device and OS are you using? Also your connected to WiFi, but it won’t work for IF?

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Yes android nougat. On galaxy s6 i tried my tablet it didn’t work too

How many people in each region list does show up but when i click load it just loading the whole time

Sounds like there are some issues on your Wifi.
Have you tried restarting your router?

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Ye restarted everything. The app the phone the wifi

Sounds like a setting in your WiFi router is blocking it. If it works on mobile data. Not sure what that would be though Seb probably does.

Can you try using someone else’s wifi? Friend, family, coffee shop. The goal is to see if wifi doesn’t work period or if it is an issue with only your WiFi.

I don’t know of any firewall issues that would block it though.

I tried a mobile router and it worked

Ok good. So it’s narrowed down to your router.

You said you reset your router too correct?

Can you open the Google play store when connected to your WiFi? What about browsing the internet?

Yes it only global on if

You said you restarted IF, but have you actually reinstalled it? That sounds like the only probable fix.

You can try a uninstall, reboot, reinstall and see if that helps. I’ve had issues with other Android apps where file permissions or something wasn’t right.

Other than that it gets into router troubleshooting.

Nah i did reinstall it and i tried on two devices and it was thr same

Its either i have to wait a long time for the map to load or something else is wrong

Tru changing all of the quality settings to low and see if it makes a difference.

Do you mean after you click ‘fly’, it just loading the whole time? i am in this situation and i have been waiting at this loading page for 6 hours…still

Woh really who waits that long

You shouldn’t wait that long at the loading page. If it doesn’t load within 30 seconds to a minute than I would reset your router, restart your device and relaunch Infinite Flight.