Help! Ghosted for no reason!

So, I took off from Frankfurt to Teheran and everything seemed perfect. So I put the speed on M. 85 and I saw that it’s farrr away from the red limit, so I left it like that and went to do other stuff, 20 mins after, I returned to the tablet to see what’s going on and I’ve seen the I got 5 speed violations.
Now, let’s say that the speed status (the left bar) wasn’t right, I was still cruising at M. 85 which is a perfect speed for an A330!
I really don’t know what happened please help me!

Hello, what altitude was this at? Remember, below 10,000 feet you can’t be faster than 250kt.

Also I would really recommend cruising no faster than M.80 to M.83 on an A330.
Was this an automated system ghost or did a controller ghost you?

There is always a reason. Reasons are always listed in the logbook and on the replay. The controllers name will be displayed on both. PM the controller who’s name is listed there. If you’re unable to find the controller, PM me and we’ll get you squared away. Thanks!

From your post after reading it again, looks like you were system ghosted for possibly overspeed violations. System ghostings like this are issued to prevent issues like what we’ve had in the past where folks were getting 1500 violations on an overnight flight. 🙂