Help ghost

Can anyone explain to me why I’m still in level 2 366 have passed

This year had an extra day which = 366 days.


Look at the last line 366 have already passed and I don’t understand why I’m still in grade 2?

please read above.

I am at 00:23
It should scan at 22:26

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Try refreshing the app.

I had already done it but nothing
Do you know why?

Give it some time, if not updating just contact @moderators.

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Exactly, give It some time, probably tomorrow you will be back to ES

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Sorry for the inconvenience
Just that I have been playing for 2 or 3 years and let’s say that I am learning a lot of things, like yesterday I learned star vnav that last week they kicked me off the Expert server for that, I was used to using ILS,
In fact I could not what THIS STAR was and then I understood so sorry again thanks guys

As others have said above be patient until tomorrow…day “367”…I am at day 370 without any violations… My violations table reset to zero (level 3 violation) on the morning of day “367”…

Ok understood then I WAIT thanks KQA03

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Goodnight everyone 👍🏽 thanks for help by

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