Help from support account issues

How do you log out of your account when you are using one device just to play the game I downloaded the game on the device that can work on Wi-Fi but I can’t get into my account to get pro

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In the Infinite Flight application; Go to Settings - Accounts - Switch Account.

Here you can login to your infinite flight account and also logout in the bottom right.

When I click on the cog I don’t see anything about account information or anything my first screen is the cog the share to get pro replaying log books

Correction I found it but it’s grayed out I can’t click on it

What is greyed out? The gear icon? (Settings)

Where it says switch account it’s grayed out I can’t click on it the only thing I can click on is your infinite flight pro subscription get pro but when I go to do it on the Google Play it’s not the correct account so I want to log out and make sure I’m logged in to the correct account so I can get pro and get the ATC as soon as possible 😂

It’s not Google Play because they allow me to get into my Play store account and get the updates and everything is something with my infinite flight account dealing with my device I don’t know but switch account is grayed out and I want to do ATC as soon as possible this is My drug lol

I’m going to try to uninstall it and reinstall it and see what happens

In that case Settings - Account - Linked Forum Account.
That should be the current linked account

The payment methods for whoever Gmail is that’s not mines I need my Gmail to show up with my correct Visa

Situation solved we can close this

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