Help from [Mods?] with Situation Earlier

Just one screenshot, couldn’t and didn’t realize I could report while in flight. Anyways, not just on final but probably starting within my final approach/about 10 miles out. Have callsign and username but obviously won’t share here on this post. Kept getting the too close with aircraft ahead of you every 2 seconds all up until “running into me” at the gate. Which was then followed by taking off into the building.

Hey there, which server did this occur on?

Training server.

Unfortunately, as this occurred on the Training Server, reports that are not automated; overspeed, runway idle or acrobatic violations, are not issued on that server. This is just one of the unfortunate consequences of the Training Server.

If you’re looking for a moderated experience, head over to the Expert Server, and if you do not yet have the statistics to access the server, you might have to bear with this until you meet the requirements to access the Expert Server. Hopefully this can help you.


Yep! That’s everything I needed to know! Thank you for all of your help!

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