Help from iPhone 6 users please

I have heard from only a couple folks that trying ATC on the iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 results in a crash.

Please if you have the same device can you try the following steps and let me know if you can or cannot reproduce the crash or any problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Step by step:

  1. Click in GROUND VIEW.
  2. Double click on aircraft. It zooms in and enable tracking on aircraft.
  3. Double click on aircraft to disable tracking. It zooms out and tracking is disabled.
  4. No issue.
  5. Click in TOWER VIEW.
  6. Double click on aircraft in the list on the right (radar/sat view on foreground, scenary on background). It zooms in and tracking is enabled in the background.
  7. Click in GROUND VIEW. The aircraft is still being tracked.
  8. Double click on aircraft to disable tracking.
  9. App crashes and the iPhone goes to home screen.

@Aernout you have an iPhone 6?

Affirm will check it out later today.

Thank you. I’m very interested in the results.

Im also experiencing crashes while viewing aircraft

iPad mini 1 latest version of ios

The very first iPad mini? If so you may need to be more careful with making sure to close any background apps, and restart the device often. The first gen mini has relatively lower system resources than more recent generation devices.


Yes, I do . I hard reboot Every time before I fly or control. :) I have done 3 hour session without crashes but while viewing aircraft it crashes usually.

I have a IPhone 6 IOS 8.3.1 only crash when I use ATC is the one from bad vectors πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ‘ hahaha just a little humor.

Honestly I don’t have any issues in live mode.