Help for transferring purchases from android to iOS?

Hello guys!Please sort me out,matter of money.I recently purchased the new bombardier Q400 and 777-300 er in my android tab.I also bought a live subscription that expires on 1st July.As I have got a IPad Air, I want to play the game on my iOS device as it has better graphics.So when I login with my live subscription in iPad,the purchased planes don’t appear.Instead it says that the two planes need to be purchased.Please help me to solve this.

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I would contact support here

As long as you have logged in with the same account it should work.

Try pressing ‘redeem purchases’ at the bottom of the screen.

Individual planes=/= transferable

Do you have Live+?

Just go to IF on ur new device and go to live register and then u will get everything back

You can’t share purchases between IOS/Android unless you have Live+. You must re-purchase them.


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