Help for this replay

Hi IFC I have problems with 1 specific replay file it was keep sending my plane into space and I try restarting app & replay & wifi my wifi was 5G and very strong I try to watch another replay file and it work completely fine just this one can any staff can help me with this issues or any tips can fix?

This was on my longest flight ever too :(

Here are the replay code: YEQBWYKJUU

Did you lose connection during the flight? If your plane shoot up or down, then you had lost connection during the flight. There is no way to fix it, sorry.

I mean I only lost connection for like 2 minutes just before landing but the flight was 23 hours 40 minutes long it use to work fine until today

And some time other flight lost connection too but still work on replay

Just this one that cannot watch at all

I remember if you lose connection for a long period then it will shoot the plane up or down. There is no way to fix it and to prevent it is don’t lose connection.

Your replay is corrupted, and unfortunately cannot be fixed. Hopefully you’re able to perform this flight again and catch that one on replay. See the below topic for more information.

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This is when a flight was ended: Breaking My Own Record Longest Non-Stop Flight

In replay it work fine until today this happens so I don’t if it about lost connection

Also, that replay file is from Dec. 22 which it is quite a long time. Chances the file are corrupted when aging increase. There is nothing you can do and don’t leave the app during the flight, case closed.

:( i was to make video for YouTube but their is no way to fix it I guess I only have screenshot from that topic then :( :(

It use to work yesterday though I watched yesterday and for last 15 days but today it won’t work and like you guys said you can’t fix it so I guess it okay thanks :(

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