Help for smooth landing

I have been trying to make my landing as smooth as possible in the last few days but i still can’t do one. Are there any tips of landing smoothly as possible?


A smooth landing starts with a smooth approach.

If you don’t know how to set up an approach you should start there. At the very least you should understand the Stability Approach Criteria which you can reference here: Visual Approach | Infinite Flight

I’m still learning too, but what helped me while practice is always having the glidescope and runway on my compass so that I can stay within the SAC.

In terms of a smooth touchdown…you want to transition your smooth approach to the touchdown by making sure the FPV indicator is aimed toward the aiming point (thick parallel rectangle marks) and at about 100 ft callout slowly start to prepare the flare. You also have to be aware of when to move engine power to idle, and how much rudder to use if there’s any kind of crosswind.

The timing takes a lot of practice, and you’ll get it eventually but watch other people do it on YouTube and eventually you’ll pick up the technique.

Practice is key. If you are practicing wrong (or not practicing at all) then it will be hard to improve. Do touch and goes and take every approach and landing serious. Watch your replays, and see what you can improve on.

When I practice, I’m emphasizing on improving and really tuning into my short final because that’s really what’s been making or breaking my landings. When I practice I usually select an airport I like and do touch and goes flying as high as 4000 ft agl, and all manually even on the downwind.


Thank you!


Well said. I would just like to add that wind is also a major factor when landing. A crosswind, even a mild one, can make for a difficult landing, particularly for the smaller aircraft. There are a number of YouTube videos on crosswind landing. I still struggle with it.

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A slower speed and less weight on approach.

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I typically fly the 737, and while I don’t think I’ve done many cross-wind landings, I find the tutorials I found for using the auto pilot are relatively helpful for setting up my approaches. I usually pick the approach and runway before I even depart so everything including my flight path are set up!

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Practice makes perfect. No one can pick it up on day one.

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Just practice. It will come naturally once you get a hold of the way the aircraft fly. It took me about 4 months to be able to butter regularly.

For me the biggest thing that has helped me improve my landings is using hud view and making sure to aim for the landing markers and then flare and make the ball thingy move to end of the runway. This helps you v/s be smaller therefore a smoother landing. Beware it can make you float so you can also have a slightly lower approach so you have more room to float.

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