Help for my account

I have a problem I have to pay my subscription. but infinite flight my disconnect from my account when I bought my subscription I did not associate an account but directly chose my payment method (paysafecard) and the price (10.99€) I renew my subscription 3 times. Now I want to take 1 year but I do not have my account If I choose my subscription it will return my account MisterATOMIC (grade 3)??

PS: I try to associate my Google account (the one with whom I buy the game in 2013) and the one I use and it tells me that there is no account to associate.

Hello, @misterATOMIC!

When you press log-in it will show a “An existing account was associated with this device” message. Check if thats the account you’re looking for. If it is, all you need to do is buy a subscription and you’ll be able to log back in!

This is probably because you did not link your account. When you log in there will be a “Link account” thing at the bottom right of the screen. Press that and instructions on how to link you account will appear.


aaah okay

So if I pay my subscription I find my grade 3 account?

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First, press “I already have an account” Can you press it?

If it says the correct account then all you need is to buy a subscription!

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The account is not display and it puts me Facebook and Google

Hmm. Can you press “Continue” then and see if it shows the account?

This shows me the prices and no account. But as I do not associate account because I did not know how to do it. I did that and it made me count so if I pay a subscription of 1 year I find my account can be?

Ok, here’s what I would do:

I would just buy a subscription. If it’s not your account, then no worries. Contact Schyllberg and he should be able to transfer your subscription to the correct account.

I contact Schyllberg after the school thx

I want to try to pay 1 year by continuing spanking and if it is another account to transfer me to my grade 3 account or refund me and find another way

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I have my replay

I’m not sure what you mean.

If Schyllberg should be able to transfer your subscription, yes.

Well, thats your account then! Check your stats.

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French: si je paie en fessant “continuer” Est-ce-que Est-ce-que si ça me m’est pas sur mon compte je serais transférer ?

if I pay by spanking “continue” Will it be if I do not care about my account?


But there is written on the top right “log in”

Yes, try logging in,

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I just looked for 100 € paysafecard in the cold, it snows in France xD good I will pay 85.99 € and I’ll talk to you again after

Okay I need help
I am not my account but a new one is very sad help me please