Help for an event creation [EBBR - RJAA]

Hello IFC ,

I search person who would like help me for create the event and manage this one if you would like to help me write in the comment
The event is for 25 august

Thanks to all going help me !

This should help!

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A community member also made this topic below. Should have everything you need to make an event, as well as some additional tips and tricks!


You have just created a topic. I personally think it’s good if someone else creates an event for you. It’s your job to create the thread when you want to host an event. You have just learned how to create a table.

Perhaps the following topics can help. You can also write with questions. These topics will help you organize your thread well.

But you also have to pay attention to the IFC event rules. You can find it here. I wish you the best of luck creating an event!

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You should ask an Va to sponsor the event.

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