Help finding a website

Hi all. I have been looking for a website for a little while now. The website was that it would show what time you would start your descent/ landing time. (like 9:00pm EST) I know it is not LiveFlight, but the website had a black/yellow color scheme to it.


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IF Flightplan Tools | Flight Status Here u go

Wow, you’re from Durham, I live in Apex lol

Hey, @greatsharkiee!

I believe you are looking for Adam Callow’s website, IF Flightplan Tools. If so, the following link will bring you to the site’s flight tracker, which will allow you to search for your flight (by callsign or IFC username), thus providing its information (i.e., how long until your TOD).

Perfect Thank You!

Thanks! I had found it before, but I forgot the name of it, so Thank you Very Much!

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