Help finding a VA group to look into

Hello everyone. So today I was looking through my YT feed and I saw a video for Alaska airlines virtual group. It came to me that I wanted to try to be a part of any group so I need a bit of help with that. Is there any VA group for southwest? If so that would be great. I hope you guys will be able to help. Thank you for your time :)

(P. S when I have enough help and information, the moderators can close this post down)

I would suggest going into the VA category and searching Southwest I’m not forsure if there is an active SWA va but it would be worth a look

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I’ll look to so see what I can find

I didnt see anything but maybe Im not searching the right thing but I would be intrested in joining them too if you find it can u send the thread my way? Thanks :)

Right here! Still fully active! @ViperSlam @Captian_Christian


Yeah sure no problem. I’ll let u know what I can find

Check this for VA & VO options:

Thanks! I must’ve scrolled right past it. :)

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