Help finding a flight from the past

Can someone help me find a plane?

The flight was on July 13,2019

And the flight was American 2777

DFW - LAX I just wanna know what aircraft it was.

Hey there!

This would belong in #real-world-aviation! I’ll see if I can find it!

Just go to and search the flight # :)

Should be N835AN. American 787-9.


In order to see that far on flight aware, you need to purchase the flight history for that flight number

I do as well have a 787-9 for that flight, looks like there were also 737s and A321s flying that route as well.

I’m broke like that.

So the 787 was serving it on July 13? 2019

I know your question was already answered but I highly recommend using to look of aircraft and tail numbers of past flights. You can find info on flights up to 25 years ago. (Unfortunately a subscription is required for international flights, but not for domestic flights)

According to, that is the case.

If you’re trying to fly this flight in IF, I do believe it actually parked at Tom Bradley, but don’t quote me on that quite yet.

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If so, That was my plane back in 2019. But ion have photos :(

Try this:

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