Help!, Extend downwind

Hey guys, I would like to someone that explains me what “extend downwind” means because sometimes I confused it with the “Extend upwind” instructions

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The Extend Downwind, I’ll Call Your Base commands means to continue flying downwind until ATC instructs you to turn base. Downwind is when the airport is directly off to your left or right and base is when final is directly off to your left or right.



I think I get it now

No worries mate, glad I could help!

There’s a diagram of the standard traffic pattern in the flying guide, i personally found it helpful when studying matters related to pattern work on starting out. I’d recommend this as a ready reference… hope it helps!


When you tell someone to extend downwind, you want people to stay on that downwind angle, until you want them to turn for approach to the airport. If this explanation makes it easier. YOU need to always go to your ‘‘Pattern Instructions’’ and tell them to turn base once you want them off that downwind angle. I hope you got this!


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