Help! Drifting left

So today I started to take off and i started drifting to the left. I had to make a sharp right rudder turn to fix it. I dont if this got solve but if it isn’t then we need it to be fixed.

Did you have crosswinds on takeoff?


A good habit is to ensure that your have your thumb on the rudder button the whole time once you start your take off roll. Sounds like you had variable winds and a crosswind. You’ll need to counter the effect with rudder input.


I will have to check

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I am pretty sure this was a crosswind related issue (not an app-failure).

Consider checking this post out:

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I didn’t see crosswind

But there most likely were some. Either that or you forgot one engine or the calibration was off :)


All my engines we one. I think you have an answer

Ok everyone we believe it was crosswind I believe it to

Thanks for helping mates

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Stay healthy

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There were actually quite strong crosswinds at EGLL today in case that’s where you were taking off from ;)

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I was in nzaa( Auckland)

But thanks for helping mate

This can be closed if you guys want thanks you mates

Genie grants 3rd and final wish… topic closed :)