Help creating a VA

Can anyone help me make a VA? I would also appreciate airline suggestions, because all of the top 10 airlines have been taken already.

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Hey mate,

Great to see that you’re looking to create a Virtual Airline. I recommend checking out the topic that I’ve linked below, as there is a link to the website there that explains the Virtual Airline application process for you, as well as answers some frequently asked questions about the process:

Hope this helps out and provides you some help in creating a Virtual Airline.

Take care!


Here is a list of va/VO that are released by inactivity

I suggest Airbaltic, I could probably help you out with it as well, like route management and HR.

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I would love to help out to create this! I am from Estonia myself.

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I’ve decided to create DHL Express Virtual, with @JEN as my COO. If anyone is interested in any staff position, please reach out to me via PM to avoid clutter here on the post. I will now mark this for closure.


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OP requested closure