Help - Changing planes on Casual Server - Game crashes - no error message

Wondering if someone can help. We are trying to change planes on casual server. Every time we try to select the plane, the game crashes and we have to log back in. We are using a chromebook to play.

Not sure if it is a bug or we are doing something wrong.

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A chrome book isnt something to be playing IF on, While playing IF you need a somewhat powerfull device, A chrome book is a google based computer (used for googling and reasearch). a chrome book wont be able to download the new upates, A conclousion to your problem is that a chrome book isnt powerful enough to play Infinite Flight on wich is the reason it crashes because it isnt able to process it.

Wait that works? 😂😂

I didn’t think chrome books can run IF 😂

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Some of them can, not all. It isn’t without caveats though. Chromebooks can run Android apps through emulation, and whilst many of them would be more than powerful enough to run the simulator, the main issue is instability and just an overall lack of support. What Ben Bino says is somewhat true

@Madjam infinite flight is designed an intended to run on mobile devices. Chromebooks, and as such, emulators are not officially supported and as such aren’t expected to run nor be stable. You won’t receive help or support for these kinds of devices. I would strongly recommend trying the simulator on a phone or tablet, you’ll have a much better overall experience.


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