Help between N,E,S,W

For example OMDB - KLAX Atlantic Route. That is west right? I’m confused cause the globe on Infinite flight is way too clogged.


Yes it is west

West is left, East is right in your circumstances

I would recommend to have a look at a map which points north (e.g. Google/Apple Maps) when you are unsure. In that case west is left and East is right.

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I know my N,E,S,W by the way. but yea the globe is clogged with too much stuff.

You can deselect many of the items in the map settings if you wish to :)


Not really, to be honest. You can easily tell which general direction your plane is going regardless of the clutter. Using your heading would also be much more useful than looking at the map, if you find the map to be still too cluttered.

Heading 0 is direct North, heading 180 is direct South, heading 90 is direct East, heading 270 is direct West. Anything between 0 and 90 would be NE, anything between 90 and 180 would be SE, anything between 180 and 270 is SW, anything between 270 and 0 would be NW. Just make sure your cruise altitude is correct for those respective directions.


This is cause i wanna use correct realistic altitudes.

Utilize your heading to ensure you’re cruising correct!

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If you are flying an Atlantic route, that is a more northerly route, yes it is due west.

However, if you’re flying the regularly used polar route, it’ll be a very northerly route at times flying a slightly eastern heading of maybe 010 degrees.

But again, the Atlantic is definitely due west.

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Just a correction here, you should be checking your magnetic course, as your heading may be offset from your true direction of travel slightly for example with a strong crosswind.


Oh yes, I forgot that. Thanks for adding it on!

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