Help ASAP With Scenery

I am landing a flight from ATL-AMS and the scenery never loaded in. I am on an iPad Air 3rd Gen that runs perfectly fine. I cleared cache and nothing happened.

The last time this happened to me at Medina I had no luck trying to load in the scenery - I landed anyway and as long as you land where the runway should be you won’t receive a violation


I know the weather is very bad at EHAM right now, so that may actually be the reason. I am re-shooting the approach right now.


In order to successfully clear your cache, it is recommended to clear your cache and restart your app for it to take effect.

Let us know if clearing your cache and restarting your app solves the issue.

I think it is actually because the clouds are at like 300ft and the visibility is at like 500ft. I am going to re-shoot the approach and let you guys know what happens.

Weather has nothing to do with how the scenery loads into the game - if it’s bad enough I would suggest diverting

I am not sure if the scenery didn’t load or not. It just looks like I am flying over water, but it may be the way it looks like on top of all of the fog.

Thanks to IF for ruining a good 7hr flight for me :(


Like shouldn’t be happening at all. Oh and clearing the scenery cache worked because I had to restart the app.

Well I guess no point for this anymore but this cannot be happening! This is very frustrating and should be fixed immediately!

Firstly chill, secondly, they are working on it and have been for sometime. Just chill.

This is one of the reasons I always completely restart my device before long hauls.

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Yes, we get that it’s frustrating. But unless you’re able to pull a rabbit out of your hat - immediately isn’t an option.

We’ve spent countless hours on this and have mitigated it quite a lot in comparison to how things were before. There are still cases of this yes, but those are extremely few which brings me to the next point;

To fix an issue, it needs to be reproduced or have logs available in great detail. That goes for basically all issues regardless. How simple do you think that is if the occurrence happens perhaps 1 per 10000 flights started?

We would love to have the app 100% free of issues - but that Utopia does unfortunately not exist in any world I’m afraid to say.

Sorry the long flight for you had to end this way, I get that it sucks but we are doing the best we can do resolve all and any issues we’re able to.


Just want to check something…

@Pilot_InfiniteFlight, how much storage do you have left on your device?

Oh I’ve only used like at most 20GB’s of 256GB’s

Then I’m guessing I have some seriously bad luck then. Several times after a long haul, the scenery at the arriving airport doesn’t load in. This has mainly been happening at KJFK, KLAX, EGLL, and EHAM. Most of the arrivals are at night too and the airport isn’t very busy.

I can try screen recording my approach next time into one of these airports in case it happens again.

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