Help Arya not get 2nd Place | Summer Spotting Competition

The summer is here and i’m proud to announce that the middle of the year spotting competition is being announced! @Guxk’s (Arya’s) spotting competition is still up for it’s few final rounds. Due to personal reasons, his competition has been delayed for a few months.

He also has received a 2nd place position hundreds of times in numerous other spotting competitions, together, we can stop this.

Due to my lack of creativity and originality, this thread’s format has been replicated to @AndrewWu’s 2021 spotting competition.

Rules & Competition Style

  • No certain categories will be set in order to allow more participants.

  • Voting periods will be 24 hours each.

  • Rounds will be organized into either 16 people, or 32 people brackets.

  • Each participant will compete at least twice before eliminated. Each person’s first loss will go to a losers bracket round.

  • The winner of the loser’s bracket will head back to the main competition.

  • Each round (there being 2) will be grouped with 4 matchups each. (8 if there are 32 participants)

  • Rounds will be posted starting 2021-06-10T17:00:00Z (1700Z)

  • Rounds will be posted at 1700Z everyday after the start date.

  • Deadline for photo submission is 2021-06-10T04:00:00Z (0400Z)

  • Please do not ask for votes in any way.

  • If there is an odd number, there will be a competition of 3. If this happens, both 2 other contestants who come 2nd and last will receive a loss.

  • Initial Matchups are completely randomized, so if you’re going against @den.aviation or @AndrewWu in the first round, i’m sorry for your loss.

  • All photos and edits must be your own along with them being taken in real life.

Photo Submission

  • Send me a message here on the IFC with your round one photo.

  • In the case that you’re unable to send a message, feel free to send a reply here on this thread.

  • Once entered, please be prepared to send your future round photos. I will release next round matchups in the group PM with all other participants

  • You can submit your photos now if you’d like, your other option is to wait until I release matchups which should be once we’re full or by 2021-06-09T07:00:00Z.

With that said, I wish everyone great luck in the competition!

Me join please


Send me your fotos


i have to get me iphone where my fotos are



Yes, hello


You know why I’m here. Pghotos will be sent Sunday evening

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I’m excited to see everyone’s photos!

Maybe I’ll enter👀

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I’ll help him get 3rd.


Time for a bronze medal 💪 jk arya ily


Lucky for these kids I don’t have the motivation to submit a picture 🥸


@Guxk for first place 😜

Best of luck to all! It seems to be fun


Maybe I can actually get past the first few rounds…

I’m in!

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I want to join pls i’ll send photos by tonight

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Hello Kamryn good luck

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Me out here who beat den aviation 👁👄👁

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When was that lmao I can’t remember if I tried or not on that round

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me who has never gotten past the first round


Me who is ashamed to post my iPhone photos 🥱

Cool idea Kamryn! Should be awesome!


I wouldn’t mind a free win if you enter. 😛