Help appreciated with creating a flyout

Hi guys, Does anyone have a nice template for a flyout? so I can do it correctly.

I’m planning to do one for VTBS, Bangkok Suvarnambhumi

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You can make an event using many resources, such as Wikipedia for airports / aircraft information and add it to your thread. Photos of the airport or even your own graphics will also help the thread look more appealing.

Additionally, check out this link here, to help you make detailed things such as gate assignments / lists.

Also, be sure to reach Trust Level 2 (Member) before posting in the #live:events category:)

Have fun with your event!

Yes I am TL2 as of this morning

I will gladly make your gates using if you want!

While I don’t have any templates, I think You could Ask Thai Virtual Airways for a partnership, we are always ready to help

Ok thank you that would be wonderful @Captain_Merka just pm me the details thanks mate!

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Alright I’d be keen to ask Thai Airways Virtual @ThaiGroupVirtual

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I am part of TGV (Thai Group Virtual) so I can talk to some of the high ranking officials


How to get TL2?

And I’m a member without a clue on how to post what where as in what categories for what exactly?!?!?!

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