Help App not wanting to Launch

When I press to open app it launches to the title screen then goes away to my Home Screen. I have already restarted device and re installed app twice already.

What device are you using?

Please, include the following information to make easier to help you with it:

  • Device brand, model, and current operating system version. Example: iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0
  • Any device modifications such as “rooted” or “jailbroken”, custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders.
  • Include brief steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Example: “restarted and reinstalled app without resolution”
  • Screenshots welcome.

Sounds like an app crash, please provide Device Details, OS, and if any messages are associated with the error. Are you running the IF Beta?

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