Help! Another problem!

When I land my a380, I touch down, start slowing down, then all of a sudden I’m starting to turn left or right Majorly. Then i start spinning around. Please help! I want to land normally without spinning around. Thanks a lot for any advice!

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Sounds like your landing too fast. I see a lot of this on Playground. People come in way to fast, hit front gear first, then main and then spin out of control.


How fast are you landing? What is the wind setting? Are you being overly aggressive with the rudder?

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Landing between 120-200 kts. I’ve turned off the wind completely

If I’m not mistaken, I believe 200 kts is tooooo fast for landing.

200 is crazy crazy fast. You should be going around if you’re at that speed.


Oh ok. Thanks👍

You should never be landing above 155 kts. Generally 140-150 is fine for the A380. What are you doing with the rudder during touchdown? Are you flaring correctly?

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I know. I try to slow down. Even with spoilers. Still toooo fast

It might be your decent rate too that plays a factor in you not slowing down enough.

How fast do you descend? Ideally you shouldn’t exceed -2000 fpm.

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Also, if you can provide a video or photos of your landing, that would help immensely.

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Slow down earlier, you can’t be impatient with a few hundred tonnes of metal and people.

I suspect it’s a mixture of these things:

  1. Too fast on approach/landing
  2. Over correction with rudder
  3. Flaring at incorrect time
  4. Not correcting for the wind
  5. Descent rate too great

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll show you how to land

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