Help, all my stats are gone on IF Live

Hi guys all my progress is gone I was grade 3 close to 4 and now it’s all gone please sombody tell me what to do this is urgent

Do you have any screenshots?

Log into your account.

In this moment the severs are overpopulated, this mean that your stats may not appear and even you may not be able to fly in any server :)


Does it say your offline, if so don’t worry it’ll fix itself

As others have said there are problems due to the influx in pilots this means many of us can’t fly and appear to have no stats

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Thanks guys strong text

More info I did one flight in the 787 which i love then I go back on later to try the atc but it said I had 0hrs 0min 0xp I will go check if it’s fixed its self

It has fixed itself thank god

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