Help! All my stats are at Zero!

*I deleted the app and got it again earlier
Today to free up some space on my device. Before I deleted the app, I had around 60hrs of flight time in 90 days, and I was grade 3. Now, I am back to grade one for some reason (I am using the same account and haven’t gotten any violations/ghosts/reports). I can’t use the expert server. I can only use causal. Please help if you can fix this. I really miss the expert gameplay in this sim (I’m not joking).

Thanks so much!

Can you show us your logbook? And make sure you are using the right account.


Sure thing.

as you can see, I am at grade one, and most of my stats seem to be gone.

you probably didn’t link your account

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It says you have flight time and landings, were you inactive over the last 90 days?

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@The_Geniusman, I have been playing at least 2 times a day for the past 3 months.

@IFAL, I signed into the same account that I did before (hence my subscription).

If you were active then a person with access to that information should be able to help you.

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@Daniel_Steinman What is your current callsign and display name?

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@DeerCrusher, as of now, I have Display Name as: Daniel Steinman, and callsign as United 777 Heavy.

Alright. Thanks. Give me just a moment to see what I can possibly find.


Thanks for the help man! I really appreciate it!

Do you have another Infinite Flight account? If so, I would ask that you check your login credentials to make sure you’re logged into the correct account.

Only reason I’m asking is that prior to your 2 most recent flights, your last flight that was logged was back in 2018.

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I will be sure to check. But I’m just curious how I would have 2 accounts with valid subscriptions when I’m only paying for one?

Maybe a lag bc of the 20.1 It’s weird

All fixed! Thank you so much. Turns out I did have another account. I really appreciate it!

If you’re only paying for one, then you likely only have one account. The reason your account stats say 0 is because what you’re looking at is a 90 day log. So this is what was logged within the last 90 days. Seeing that you just started flying today, after taking a break since 2018, there was nothing logged between then and now.


Nevermind then. 😁

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@DeerCrusher, I didn’t take a break. I play two times a day every day for the past 3 months lol.