Help accessing Global On my Android Device

How do you get globe How HOW HOW!?

Please elaborate. I’m not sure what you mean by “Globe”

Hello there, thanks for joining our community.

To get access the Global, you must have Infinite Flight PRO subscription. These price that you can pay for limit time.

Time How Much Money You Need To Pay. (US)
A Month $9.99
6 Months $49.99
A Year $79.99

There are other features you can access, too. You will get ATC, and all aircraft. Have fun with Infinite Flight.


The above comment is a joke by the way, Gabe is correct, you need a Pro subscription with a supported device, purchased from the App Store or Google Play.


Where am I suppose to get the infinite flight pro subscription? Is it on a website if so send me the link but if it is in this one then show me where it us so I can pay for it

What supported device?

What device do you have?

An Android

Yes but what device?

A Samsung 8

If you mean S8 then yes the device is supported. What was the last major update you had for IF? Was it the B737 rework?

I beg your pardon?

Is your app fully up to date? Basically have you done all available updates for it from the google play store?

I just downloaded the game today

Okay the subscription is bought in the app through google play. Try and click your username on the top right from the home page and then click on subscription if it shows

On the game or this?

On the sim

So the game?

Yes game/sim

Ok I found the payments but when I try press the button it did now work