Help about my trust level

Hello guys,
I have been wondering why I have not reached TL2 yet. I checked the requirements in the discourse website and I have surpassed the requirements for TL2 can someone help me?


The discourse requirements are the default requirements, the IFC has modified ones that are not shown to public to avoid farming trust levels.


Thanks for the reply!
May you please possibly message me the requirements for TL2?
Message it to me because I feel like showing the requirements in public would promote the farming. I also need TL2 for the VA I’m starting which is currently in line being reviewed.


Sorry, I do not have the requirements as I’m not a moderator. The moderators will not share the requirements, either.

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Even moderators do not have the TL2 requirements. That is an admin only feature. Sorry.

Just stay active and you will hit it.


If you want your VA to be reserved NOW, you can always ask someone to be the CEO till you’re TL2 :)


Thanks for your reply! My VA is already reserved and is currently in line being reviewed ( it’s on the pending list on the website)

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Hmm. If you are not TL2, you should not have applied. Your application will be rejected if that is the case.


it is already in line so I will become TL2 before it is approved as I’m sure I will become one before then.

I’m not too sure that’s how it works. They will most likely see your application, notice you’re TL1 then reject it.
Just wait until you’re TL2. Waiting a few more days won’t kill you.


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