Help! A380 at Montreal airport

Hey guys, I’ve been looking on Internet about where the A380 operated on Montreal airport, I meant (gates) specifically, can someone help?



You can choose the aircraft and go back to the airport map, if there is a gate that can accompany the A380 it will show in blue, and the gates that are unable to will appear in red

Screenshot 2021-04-19 1.58.56 PM Sorry for the mouse


If you select the A380, then try to spawn in, you can see what gates you can spawn at. The ones in white are a yes. The ones in red are a no. I’ll try and find some more information about real life flights now. Seems like Gate 55 is the gate responsible for the A380.

Thx but not always is accurate, sometimes the gates are so small that the wings are outside of the gate marks, but thank you 😁


Thank you

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No Problem always glad to help

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