Help a new player!

I am a total newbie who purchased the IF app yesterday. (Is there any way to make the red on-screen flight instructor comments LARGER? I have poor eyesight and cannot read the directions.)

After I take the initial guided takeoff and prepare for the second takeoff: I turn off the brakes and then am unable to move the throttle. I can push it up but it springs right back to the bottom.

When I leave the tutorial and attempt to just “fly” I have no control and crash almost immediately. I have tried to “tap and calibrate” my iPad and in the settings adjust the Control functions all to no avail.

I am using an iPad Pro with 64 GB of free space. I am running IOS 11.0.1 which was installed this AM. Last night, with the previous IOS, I had the same problem.



As far as the on-screen comments- you can mirror (using a Mac with Quicktime) or you can purchase a cable that connects your iPad to a TV via the jack below the home button. For the controls issue go into you controls settings and restore to default. Otherwise try what John mentioned below this post.


Reinstall the app. It works 99% of the time (for me)


Hi. Welcome to the forum.
As Chris said, there is currently no way to increase the text size.

When it comes to the tutorial, it is known to be bit buggy and there will be a better solution in place in the next update.

Also feel free to browse some of the topics below. They are useful guides and collections of information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

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The following two are guides for pilot and atc tutorials. The will link you to specific information that may be of use. The tutorials are created by FDS staff members.

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Here is one of the few Apple approved digital AV adapters:

@d35pmartin This is what I currently use and have had alot of successful flights displayed on my 60" TV while using this adapter. Take care and enjoy your stay here


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