Help. 787 stalls prior to touchdow?

Well, I guess they are just make it as close as the real plane, isn’t that fun?

For me I never set any weight and play by default, and its fun to learn that different aircraft have different weight and thus need to adjust flap/speed/trim etc, and its really fun at all…

Try learn it slowly bro… Its really fun a lot…

Umm… sorry? I don’t quite understand. It’s hard to learn or have a fun experience when the plane by default is overweight and even the APPR won’t work. I know it’s a picky thing but it can get unrealistic. Anyway that’s what I hear this forum is picky about anyway.

Well, its depend on human opinion…

For me my first time I feel its hard to learn and no fun at all… And I take around 2 weeks time to master it and now its easy already…

And one thing I don use Auto Landing(APPR) at all…

I had this problem but the only resolution of this is training in solo with the 787s it working for me even try to change the weather it will be more realistic

At what altitude should I flare? I’m thinking at 30ft with 140kts for the 787-9.

Thanks Mark for the detailed reply & tips, much appreciated. I’ll watch that video now. I think after finding the A380 relatively easy to fly with surprisingly low landing speed for its size, the -10 threw me off. Just a matter of understanding this is a different beast.
By the way, the time & effort you’ve put in to all your recent tutorials has been fantastic. A few minutes of clear & concise video instruction really helps to solve technique issues and better understand the rich features this Sim offers. And great podcasts too!


I land the 789 with 100% load and flaps 30 at ~170kts GS every time and never had a problem.

I struggle with the same issue :

anytime I try to autoland, the procedure is cancelled due to ‘overweight’.
Which it isn’t, I’m for sure.

remember, infinte flight doesnt have as realistic physics so you shouldnt expect something like real life physics

It looks like your speed is too low, can be that slow with full flaps. Keep trying! You will get there! I had the same problem too.

I start to flare just under 30 maybe 20 if not 25 but if I’m a bit too fast with throttle idle I flare at 30ft

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