Hellople's ATC Tracking Thread - [Passed Practical]

Well, the only reason why I am doing this is considering the off chance my practical could be done at an intersection airport. If you advise otherwise, then sure.

well that’s the thing, the practical is gonna be people doing patterns and test your ability to sequence, clear and fit inbounds is gonna be tested
and doing patterns on intersecting runways is not ideal
you can use one runway, yes, but it’s most likely gonna be 2 parallel runways

Aight, I will go ahead and reposition. Apologies @BT_HANDLES and @Fourthnebula919 for the sudden closure.

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no worries, at least il get a good photo out of this

Alright, reopen at LFMN for an hour. Active runways are 22R and 22L. Airport elevation not serious enough to mention. See you there!


I’ll be there :)

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Thanks for the service💯

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Feedback from KongKong shuttle 919

almost everything was perfect!

When I called inbound I called inbound for landing yet you cleared me for the option.

Following on when I landed my exit runway command was quite late.

Overall: great job. I would love to see you as IFATC!

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Feedback from EI-KYL


• Upon requesting taxi at a stand where no pushback was required, you gave me a pushback clearance instead of a taxi clearance so I had to pushback with my engines started.

First Pattern

• My first pattern went very well, you gave me the proper sequences and clearances.

Second Pattern

• On my second pattern, there was a lot of unnecessary re clearances. Once someone touches down on the runway, aircraft in the pattern don’t need a re sequence/clearance. Other than that all was good! I also requested a runway change and you gave me a pattern entry with a sequence very nicely!

Departure to the South

• My departure clearance was given nicely, although you didn’t give me a frequency change when I was clear of conflict. When someone is departing your airspace you give them a frequency change as soon as they are clear of conflict! I normally do it 1000ft-2000ft above the pattern altitude.


• The transition altitude you gave me was correct which was 2500ft. The best formula is 2500+ The airports elevation then rounded to the nearest 500 :)

Inbound for landing

• You have me a pattern entry and a clearance. A sequence is needed as I was number 2 so a pattern entry with a sequence would have been much better. When the aircraft landed in front of me, you then cleared me as number 1 which isn’t needed.

Exit runway when able

• You gave me an exit runway command at around 50 knots. You would wanna aim for 60-80 knots 😉

Taxi to parking

• My taxi was all good and I had no ground conflict!

Other feedback

I think you did very well there compared to the last one I attended! Just a bit more practice and i’d say you will be smashing it 😄. I’m sure the rest of guys have more feedback for you and i’m pretty sure it’ll be good. Would love to see you apart of IFATC soon!


hey!! some feedback from G-RIZZ

  1. when i contacted for takeoff, the preceeding aircraft was already airborne yet i was given a line up and wait. an aircraft can be cleaared for takeoff if the aircraft ahead is airborne
  2. when i requested for a runway change on final, the pattern entry, perfect but i was not cleared for the option there. i called back to report my position thinking i would get the clearance, but i wasn’t given one. keep this in mind, when an aircraft calls to report their position, always check whether you have cleared them on the runway, most likely they are calling you because you have not issued them a clearance on the runway

this feedback was not related to me:

  1. when you are resequencing aircraft, you do not need to reclear them for the option
    only the new sequencing is sufficient
  2. when there were 2 aircraft on upwind and one requested a runway change, you asked that aircraft to enter downwind for the requested runway and then told them to extend upwind. the commands should be the other way round
  3. when 2 aircraft were on final for runway 22R, you told the aircraft on number 2 to enter straight in for runway 22L. if at any point you feel the spacing is less, you ask them to go around. they are then expected to re enter the pattern behind the traffic already doing patterns. this is because you would have to clear them for the option on the other runway and then you would have to resequence the other aircraft doing patterns for 22L, so better to tell them to go around than do extra work

that’s all from me, thank you for your service!


Here’s Bullet 99 feedbacks

✅ P/B and taxi;
✅ T/O with direction;
✅ Sequence;
✅ Resequence behind the plane in transition (not much of room tho, maybe it would have been better to fit the G/A behind me as #3 since he was way slower than me…I had to reduce quick to 135kt and we busted anyways. Would have been easier for him to maintain a slow speed and would probably avoid this separation bust);
*⚠️ Late r/w change without me requesting…guess it was because of this traffic ahead…just issue me a go around next time; (see Grizzly note)
*⚠️ No clearance after your quick r/w change on final… (phone lagged…wanted to do a Go Around but was unable); (see Grizzly note)
✅ Clearance after tn’g for 2nd pattern;
✅ 3rd pattern clearance
✅ 4th pattern clearance
✅ Pattern entry on R/W change
✅ Clearance with new direction
✅ 6th pattern clearance
⚠️ Exit command a bit slow…45kt… aim 70-90

Great job overall! Some little things to fine tune like the slow plane behind but you will be good soon!


Hope that helps and see ya!


Alright, I am now closed. I did not expect the amount of stress I would get doing what I did controlling the equivalent amount of a practical test, though I tried my best. I will review my replay later and respond to all feedback.

@BT_HANDLES A pleasure 😅.

@Fourthnebula919 Apologies for the option clearence! I must have been too focused on the pattern that I thought you were joining the pattern instead of landing I suppose 😅. Refer to my reponse for @Kyles.aviation at the 7th point for the exit runway command.

@Kyles.aviation: For your first point, the reason why I gave you pushback instead of a taxi clearence is because I saw a taxi way behind you and thought you would need to get there. If that extended line on a ramp is supposed to mean that you can taxi instead of pushback, I will keep that in mind for next time. My apologies. For your 3rd point, thank you for the information, however for the sequencing part it seems Grizzly says otherwise. For your 4th point, yeah my apologies about that, it seems I need to practise on observing departing aircraft a little more clearer to give them a frequency change as appropriate 😅. For your 6th point, you have my aplpogies and I will again keep the not needed clearences in mind for next time 😅. For your 7th point, I believe my panick attack whilst attempting to remain calm must have shrouded some things so I did not monitor your speed properly, again apologies on that.

@Grizzly.Saahir For your 1st point from your feedback, you have my profuse apologies, I think I should have got my glasses (which I use for long-distance seeing) before this entire ordeal than when I believed things were serious enough that I needed perfect vision 😅. For your 2nd point, I will keep a note of your statement for next time and my apologies.

From the feedback not related to you: For your 1st point, I will keep that noted as vital information to learn, thank you very much! For your 2nd point, I had also been told off by @BT_HANDLES in my discord direct messages in this sceanrio and will keep it in mind for next time. For your 3rd point, the reason why I had directed bullet 99 to enter straight in runway 22L was to exactly avoid a go around since there were about 4 nautical miles from landing when I issued the straight in command and thought that there would still be some time, but I will try a go around instruction next time in that scenario to avoid extra work.

@J-F_V I will keep your 4th point in mind for next time, I should have considered the aircraft type before seeing where I could fit them in the pattern 😅. For your 5th point, refer to my response to @Grizzly.Saahir’s 3rd point of not his own feedback. For 6th, you have my utmost apologies, I need to do more deep breathing exercises next time 😅. For your last point, as I had aformentioned in another feedback response, I was panicking while trying to remain calm or was exiting out of it when I issued you the exit runway command so I was shrouded, I will try calm exercises next time.

Otherwise, thank you all for your feedback and I will keep everything duly noted appropriately. My apologies for all my mistakes and I hope to use this feedback to better myself, especially for my training sessions 😅.


It’s no problem! You done a great job. Try to refrain from the apologies too, your in a training environment and me and the guys are here to help you get better :)


I instinctively apologies for mistakes, it is in my nature. But sure.


he means to say once an aircraft touches down(number 1), you don’t need to re-sequence/re-clear the rest in the pattern
i can recall that you re-cleared an aircraft who was number 2, before number 1 touching down, as number 1. that is what(i think) Kyles.aviation meant

also to add, if the aircraft was on a long final, you could’ve tried using the “maintain slowest practical speed” to build up space
but here when people are doing pattern work, you don’t have any option but to make them go around

exactly what i would like to tell you @Hellople , this is a learning experience, make notes and keep them in mind for the next session :). you are doing a fantastic job


and a community tip for ya
use the “Quote” option like i did in my previous message, it’s easier for everyone to know the context without you having to type like:

this ;)


Ah, aight.

Roger that.

Thank you very much and okè.

Aye aye, captain!


I am open at EDDB on the training server for an hour, the active runways are 25L and 25R. Airport elevation is 157ft.

For this time, I actually have an area of focus: Exit runway commands. In your last pattern, do not announce full stop. If you slow down to the range of 60-70 knots and there looks to not be enough runway length for a stop & go, I will issue a exit runway command for you.

See you there!

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I am now closed. A special thanks to @Stef_Smet for being the only attendee. I hope to see you all at another time!

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Hellople, you did a very nice job over there at EDDB.!👍
I tried to trick you but you handled everything as it should!

Have a good day/night,

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