Hellople's ATC Tracking Thread - [Passed Practical]

Hello to anyone who decides to view this thread! I have passed my written exam and my practical exam starts next week wednesay, so I will be controlling at airports to test my skills and applicance of knowledge. My first opening should be in about 28 minutes for 1 hour. See you there!

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Open at KDAL, active runways are 13L and 13R. Subject to change based on significant weather from the METAR but should be fine for the hour. See you there!

Hey Hellople, thanks for the great service at KDAL!

Although we started off with a little confusion with the rwy change, I definitely have nothing to add! The small things such as the stop & go or the taxi to parking, you corrected it quickly and correct!
To be short, very nice job. 👍

Stef (oo-lxv)

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Alright, I am now closed. Time to say a few things personally to @Stef_Smet for today:

  1. I profusly apologize for the delayed transition clearance, I was double checking the pattern altitudes and when I came back to your flight strip, I could not for the life of me find where such a transition clearence could be given and had to wait for you to give another transition request to reply

  2. Yeah… I seemed to have been daydreaming and accidentally gave you 31R instead of 13R, deepest of apologies 😅

  3. I was having connection issues in one of your patterns, I was able to retain enough connection to control you for the remainder of the session but that is why you had not recieved the ‘cleared for the option’ message until final on runway 13L. I ended up having to restart a wifi booster I had assuming it was the problem

  4. Yeah… when you were strolling at about 19 knots ground speed I though you had enough and wanted to exit the runway, henceforth why I issued the exit runway command. After you had told me to stand by and started to stroll once more, I realised you were going for another pattern and told you to disregard my last message. I believe you have to be 0 knots ground speed for a moment before strolling again, which would have indicated to me that you were doing a stop & go 😅

  5. Yeah, I thought you were done and wanted to taxi to parking. Little did I know that my instinct would backfire. I suppose I need to learn to wait a little more 😅

Otherwise, thank you for being the only one who attended my session for today! I hope to host another one tomorrow.

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If you want you can tag me for upcoming sessions and hopefully with more traffic to practice sequencing but I have a sneaky suspicion you pull that off without a problem hehe!😉

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Hello! I am open at LROP today, active runways are 26L and 26R. NOSIG was shown in the METAR so the hour today should be fine. I will try to control longer if possible. See you there!

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I shall stop by, also feel free to tag me next time.

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Some feedback (6O-SMA)

  • on my last pattern I was number 2 but I got cleared for number 1. G-RICK was yet to cross the threshold so I should’ve been sequenced and cleared behind them.

  • nice catch on the G/A

  • my exit runway instruction was a bit late. I received it around 30kts - you wanna aim for 60-80kts

Thanks for the service today! Hope to see you in IFATC soon-

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Feedback for Rocksmart 919

First off sorry for my crappy flying, this plane hates me and for the taxi instead of a pushback request I thought I could power out of that gate. nice catch on that

anyways, I found no issues, good luck with your practical.

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Hello, I am how closed! In response to @BT_HANDLES:

For your 3rd bullet point, I suppose you are right. I need to keep an eye on ground speeds a little bit more. Otherwise, thank you for attending!

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Thank you very much 😅.

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Hello! I will be open for the last time today for an hour at LGAV. Active runways 03L and 03R, with an elevation of 308ft. This will compensate for me not going to be opening on Saturday and then I will reopen on Sunday with an intersection airport. See you there!

P.S.: I hope to finally apply the feedback given to me 😅.

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What’s up man. I’ll join in to do a few patterns. I have my practical test tomorrow so i’m not IFATC yet. I’ll try to give as much feedback as I can tho!

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hey, i was G-RIZZ at LGAV doing patterns
my only feedback is when i requested a runway change the second time(change back to 3R), i was instructed to follow traffic on left base instead of right base. very minor mistake, confusion between left and right that’s it

and i also have a suggestion:
when OO-LXV requested a runway change to runway 3L and i was still on upwind, you should’ve initially told him to extend upwind, because you basically gave him clearance to collide into me XD
only after you see me commit to my crosswind turn, tell OO-LXV to turn crosswind and enter left downwind for runway 3L

that’s all from me, great controlling and making that go around call
and yes you can mention me the next time you open, based on my availability i may join the next time too :)

Hey hello there!

Here is Bullet 99 feedbacks

✅ [19:11:56] P/B conflict, taxi etc…
✅ [19:17:36] T/O with direction
✅ [19:19:54] Early sequence (like that since a lot of people)
✅ [10:20:08] Clearance
⚠️ Not quite sure why you resequenced and recleared me at [19:22:27] as #2 traffic to follow on left base…the traffic was right base and we were all already correctly sequenced and cleared. No need to resequence and reclear after planes ahead lands.
✅ [19:27:04] Sequence
✅ [19:27:13] Clearance
[I think you used left instead of right couple of times in sequences / clearances…]
⚠️ [19:28:58] Here again you recleared me
✅ [19:33:04] Nice sequence as #2 since the traffic has not yet crossed the threshold 👍🏻
✅ [19:33:33] And cleared as #1 since he’s now passed 👍🏻
✅ [19:37:41] Excellent Go Around call for G-RIZZ!!! 👌🏻
✅ Exit command etc…

Nice job overall…just don’t forget…no needs to resequence and reclear when planes in front lands and that left / right confusion.

You can also tag me as well


Feedback (EI-KYL)

• Like your sequences and re sequences on the first pattern. Also like how you cleared OO-LXG in front of me.

• I believe you told Bullet 99 that I was on left base on the clearance on my second pattern pattern even though I was on right base. On my third pattern you told me behind the traffic on right base RWY03L even though he was on left base 03L but your corrected it. I’ve made the same mistakes on my practice runs too!

• After I requested departure to the north you were supposed to give me a frequency change as soon as I was clear of conflict but you never did so I had to request it.

• Transition altitude you gave me was 2500, 3000 would have been better as the airport elevation is 300 feet which means the pattern altitude would have been 1800. That’s 800 feet of separation, I believe 1000 feet is preferred!

• On my inbound you gave me 2 different commands “Enter right downwind” then “Number 1 cleared to land” your able to say to say “Enter right downwind runway 32R, number one cleared to land” using 1 command which would have reduced your work load.

Other than that the session went really good in my opinion. I’m sure the IFATC have more detailed feedback. I just finished a training session with two of the guys that I seen there. I’m glad they have joined as their feedback has really helped me! I can really see me and you being in IFATC soon. I have my practical tomorrow 🤙

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A simple formula for the transition is Airport elevation + 2500 then round the result up to the nearest 500’

300+2500=2800 rounded up 3000

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Yep that’s the formula i’ve used my sessions. Was good seeing your name while flying instead of controlling 😆

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yep great to fly with you!!

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