Hello it’s me Kevin. Today I’m going to introduce about my favorite airline:United Airlines🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. You all know that if you read my profile right? Well I might be hosting events involving united airline in the future. This isn’t actually my fav, It’s my most often airline I fly to many places. Here are some pictures: On a Boeing 777 in Newark airport

777 at parking gate at PEK 737-900 blasting out of Houston


Glad to know that you like United :P

hello, excuse me,can you explain the purpose of this post?


I was about to upload pictures but connection is slow:(

To introduce what?,I don’t understand…

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wow what a thing!!

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I’m a little confused as well… :/

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Is there anything wrong with this thread?

no nothing wrong…btw welcome to the community…sorry if u an old participant…but this topic does not make sense…its good that you like united and if u want u could even be making a va once u are a member…posting event absurdly without any procedures wont fetch u anyone;-)

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No my friend,nothing wrong,maybe I’m wrong…I can’t understand the meaning of this topic.

Yeah, umm what?

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Welcome to the community too ^^

Partha_gudi is right too.
Do learn how to properly post with the event format if you are creating future posts. Most incorrect formats may not draw interest due to lack of details or such.

Do avoid posts without any context though, so far i only get that you like united because you fly often with them and that you want to make events in the future. While i learnt something about you, its not very appealing because it doesnt seem like an introductory post either.

But thats just me, i hope the community days ahead are great for you!

This should really be closed because it’s not really IF related, but others wil think differently perhaps…

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