Hi! I’ve been playing infinite flight for quite awhile not but haven’t been on the community. I was actually looking at virtual airlines because those look fun and I like realistic flying. Also, I really like Strawberrys.


Hey welcome to the community! Ask us anything you want! We are here to help

Hello and welcome on the IFC!

I like Strawberries too! It’s good to have you here, enjoy this fantastic website.

Here are a some information about IFC that might be interesting. And of course we’re always around to help as well.

A Beginners Guide to the Forums

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines

And to find out more about Virtual Airlines, have a look at the #live:va category. You’ll enjoy it, Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organisations are very fun! It’s a good place to meet new people as well!

(Sorry for this rather extensive edit of my comment. I simply sent it to early accidentally)


I think strawberries are good as well

But there is a website that you can check out for VAs, IFVARB.com (I think that’s what it’s called)

Also welcome!

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Hello! Welcome I the community! I like strawberries and raspberries and cherries and blueberries and I’ll be quiet before I go off-topic, when you hit TL2 PM me and ask about berries! Once again welcome to the community!


Well there! Hello, @Strawberry! I like all berries. Ask me anything, via PM or reply, me and all of us are happy to help!

A strawberry with a plane window in the background for you!


Did you just… yes you did

Too bad, tastes lowers with altitude, I’d suggest waiting before eating it.

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Beet reply on the IFC 2019!

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