Hello y’all I have a huge question to ask

What should my sensitivity should be at? While I fly an aircraft wanna make it feel abit real also I wanted to set up port forwarding for infinite flight what tcp or UDP does it use? Thanks!

It depends on the device you use. I have used an Apple phone (I am not sure what generation), and its sensitivity was pretty low, even with the sensitivity settings up pretty high. However, if you use an Android (I can tell you about the Samsung phones, but I am not sure if this also applies to Google Pixel phones too) like I do, even a little sensitivity goes a long way. I would just mess around with it a little bit, try different things for different aircraft, and then see where that takes you. If you still have any questions, let me know. I will tell you that the device I use is a Samsung Galaxy A32.

Sweet thank you I use an iPhone 12 I’ll check it out cheers!

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Restoring defaults is the best.🤐🤯

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