Hello! When I try to buy Live it does not work.

I am trying to use a visa gift card and it goes through then says verification failed. I am 100% sure. I have enough to buy it. Please help.

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Iā€™d suggest looking here to make sure you have enough:


Also, keep in mind the price is not exactly what is listed. Tax is included with the purchase, so it is going to be a little over what is listed in game / on the website.

And, make sure you are connected to the internet :)

One last thing. On IOS, this issue can be caused if your date and time are inaccurate.

Are you trying to buy your subscription through the app or online?

Also what device are you using?

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Try contacting a moderator they should help you ;)

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If you are using an apple device, the online pay system requires you to use the confusing pay system. I would recommend through the app. If you are using an apple device and do it through the app, you need to attach the card to your iTunes account through the settings app. Then you will be able to go into the IF app and click live, and then purchase subscription.

Make sure your card has enough to cover the tax charge that is tacked on by iTunes.

If you are using Apple you could try purchasing an iTunes gift card or Android a Google Play card.

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Any luck with our suggestions and recommendations?

And you have tried the app and the website? And is it Live or Live+? How much exactly is on the card?