Hello Sydney!

Hi everyone! Today I will show you screenshots from my latest flight, In a Thai Airways A346. (P.S This is my first time doing this.)

-Server: Training
-Flight Time: 9 Hrs 25 Mins

Parked at Gate E05.✈️

Taxing to RWY 19L.

Holding Short 19L.

Rotate off of 19L🛫

Over Some Cool Red Sand.

Final 16R

Crosswind Landing on 16R 🛬

Finally Parked at Gate 15-7✈️


Awesome! Looks like a nice flight.

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Awesome shots! Looks like a wild ride 😳🥵

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I just realized that’s my first touchdown on the landing zone. 😀

Hello! Thanks for visiting my home, please come back soon and I’ll buy you some Vegemite, nice pics!


Better buy me that Vegimite, im doing the Project Sunrise flight from KJFK - YSSY.

Stunning! Lovely livery choice ;)

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Nice pictures! Seems like a nice route!

Isn’t this route operated by the b747-400 in real life?

Awesome job either way though!

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Thai has such a beautiful livery!

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That is correct. Under normal operations, Thai Airways operates the route to YSSY with the Boeing 747-400. At some points of the year where the YSSY route doesn’t require a 747, they do occasionally operate other aircraft.

Yep, it flies the 747 to Sydney and i been on that piece of metal junk. That was a scary plane i tell ya. Felt like it was gonna split it was shaking that hard.