Hello, some help for a new person?

Hi all, I’m not new to flight sims but I am new to this truly awesome mobile one. I just had a question.

Is there some way flying solo to have a pilots log? Like hours logged, hours logged on different aircraft, passengers transported, cargo transported, ratings based upon flight performance Etc Etc?

I did a forum search but I could not find anything. Thank yo and I apologize if my answer is there just buried in posts.


I asked this a long time ago:

I think you can see it in the live section, even if you don’t have live.

Welcome to the forums!

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This would be an excellent addition, great idea!

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Thank you everyone. It’s very refreshing to play a sim with a mature, friendly and helpful community! I’ve gotta say they knocked the ball out of the park with this one. I’d like to see some actual terrain features but I understand they want to keep it iPhone friendly and such.


Well. Some of us

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Well there are always a few bad seeds.


I think there was a section that was dedicated for a logbook in the offline section until the most recent update, now I can’t find it. I think you might need to make an account with FDS before it will show, pretty sure you don’t need an active subscription. We might need a dev to clear this up.

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