Hello! San Jose

Anyway Feel like doing the klax-ksfo has gotten kinda boring IMO but why not try San Jose because it has less traffic and it’s…uh a best airport
Flight Time:00:55
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700NG (Southwest airlines Heart gold)

Out of Los Angeles

Climbing out into FL270 passing Malibu

Shining through Ojai California

Beauty mountain distance

Coming over San Miguel

Descending into San Jose california in Paicines

Southwest 393 is on final

Kind of a good landing into San Jose airport in California


Hello! Nice pics, maybe just a little less editing on the last one


Thanks also the almost black and white kinda feels cool and western to me

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@BigBert10 is happy.


Thanks for flying into San Jose! :D

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Anytime might do a long haul flight to there if ATC schedule includes them

sir I believe you are mistaken. LAX and SFO are far more superior than SJC.

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I can say about sfo but Los Angeles is in Top 5 worst US airport (according to Google) also what I say is for @BigBert10

Excuse me? 😡

SJC is WAY better than both of those airports

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Does SJC have an In-N-Out burger restaurant just outside of airport grounds, and a park where planes fly directly over you? Does SJC have 4 intersecting runways?


Bert, calm down, but yes agreed, SJC is way superior than sfo or lax. Only been there twice, but it’s way better.


But LAX doesn’t have bert… 😉


As a matter of fact, there is an In n Out Burger right next to the Avaya Stadium, which you can see from SJC

550 Newhall Drive
San Jose, CA

In addition, we have many parks like the Guadaloupe River Park, Columbus Park and Lenzen Park that sit right under the final path for the 30 runways


Bert, don’t forget the Burger King right off the 12s and the Safeway closer to the bay, I’ve spotted there.


(Not to be confused with San Jose Costa Rica in the Title)

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Oh yeah! I don’t really look at that side because typically, the 30s are used more. But they are good if one wants to witness the takeoffs

Don’t worry. Anytime someone mentions, San Jose, it’s more likely to be SJC! :D
Especially with me around 😉

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Photos look really cool!

My favorite one is the second one because of that wingflex 😏

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Well, you made a mistake of posting San Jose. Now there is a whole argument about SJC, LAX and SFO.

Nice photos anyways.

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yep…hopefully it wont get closed :/

Not when it comes to me, if I say San Jose, I mean Costa Rica.

Nice pics, and I do agree that the last one is over edited.

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