Hello, new arrival here

Hi everyone. I just thought I should say hi and introduce myself. Iโ€™ve been lurking around this community for months now, but only registered today. I am 23 years old, currently live in Norway, but from the Faroe Islands. And a question, I have a feature request, how long does it take to earn posting rights in the features category?


Welcome to IF! Check here for the trust levels:

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Welcome Anfinn!

Welcome to the community! :)

Welcome aboard the Community Express!

Welcome hope you enjoy your stay here!

Thank you all, I am sure I will enjoy it here.

Welcome sir!

welcome on board :p hope you arenโ€™t allergic to peanuts :P :P :P

no worries, I devour peanuts ;D

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Welcome! You may go ahead and post the feature request if you wish. I or another regular (which is a trust level) will move it to the #features category for you, that is if it meets the rules to be moved to that category:)

Alright, thanks for that. I will just go ahead then and post it here in meta then?

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Yeah no problem! Post it in #general is what I would do if I were you

alright, again thanks :)

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From one new guy to another, welcome Anfinn

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thanks, welcome to you too then :)

Welcome fellow poster! Weโ€™re glad to have you in the family <3


Hey Man ๐Ÿ‘Š welcome