Hello new aircraft, goodbye old aircraft

It is great seeing new aircraft entering fleets but sad at the same time seeing what is being retired and replaced by these new aircraft. What do you think of this? Comment below (about the retiring of fleets and new milestones in the development of aircraft), you can also post related pictures and videos etc.


I found a very sad video of a 767 flying to Victorville where all its other old friends are waiting. But there are some surprises, and most of the aircraft could still turn on!


Aren’t the other 767 with westjet?


I thought they all went to the scrapyard. Well at least this one didn’t (sadly 😢). And the rest of its friends sitting in Victorville, waiting for who knows what. There’s a whole lot of history right sitting there, in the middle of a desert (well at least the video explains why).


That video is so sad. Look at all those jumbos lined up

if I were a millionaire

I would of bought all of those planes there…



You’d have to be a trillionare.


but I only wanted one kind of plane… Boeings planes…

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What is the boeing 767 being replaced by?

airBaltic is planning to retire its Boeing fleet this year, and become 100% Bombardier fleet airline.

At this moment airBaltic have 7 Boeing 737-36Q(700)(WL) planes

And 5 Boeing 737-500 planes


All of them will be replaced with Bombardier CS300 and fleet will be expanded with 8 CS300 planes. At that moment airBaltic will operate 32 Bombardier’s planes from which 12 Dash -8 Q400 is already in fleet and 20 CS300, yet to be added.


Wow I’ve never heard of a fully Bombardier fleet


The 767 and A330 were operating on either side of Australia but when the 767 fleet was retired the A330 took over operating over all of Australia. The 787 will replace some of them soon.

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It’s going to be a big shame when Virgin Atlantic remove the last of their A340’s, or any company in fact. Such a nice plane.


They had plans to buy Sukhoi Superjet 100’s from Russia, but due to EU sanctions against Russia, it wasn’t possible. Actually I’m really happy about that, that they will have Bombardier, CS series looks really great especially with airBaltic livery.

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