Hello need abit help

Hello need abit help so Everytime I use the Airbus A330-300 Autoland the airspeed button on the autopilot turns off and the appr it starts to blink. GS LOC I have everything setup it’s just keeps on trying to stall the aircraft never had this issue with the other planes I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips! Thank you! :)

could you provide a screen recording if possible please !! It would be a great help in trying to resolve this issue for you !!

Alright! Thank you I’ll see if I have anyone as soon I was able to do anything it just crashed it was blinking loc alt and the airspeed wouldn’t let me click it would turn off

How is it trying to do so? Cutting the throttle or yanking the attitude/AOA upwards?

Ya it wasn’t I set it up for approach at 4,000ft as soon I turn the Appr on the auto speed turns off doesn’t let me turn it on and it starts to yank the yoke up

Is this blinking orange of colour?

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