Hello! Need a little help!

Does anyone know how to fix this my plane has been doing that for quite some time maintaining a crushing altitude it still does this wired pitch up.
Thanks I’m willing to take any suggestions or what to do! If it was light or heavy!


Why are your flaps down at cruise?

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Try raising the flaps. There should be no flaps when on cruising altitude, they are only needed during takeoffs and landings.

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Everytime I try to put it at zero starts to go way to high up!

It’s also sometimes weight

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Does this happen on takeoff with the flap retraction?

That is a normal reaction, the plane should eventually level back off.

If anyone is wondering that’s what it looks like at flap zero

Nope during cursing!

Looks normal. I think it’s at an angle because of weight (?)

What is the current weight on this aircraft?

And current cruising altitude?

That’s normal! no need to worry, go into hud view and send a screen shot

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cursing at fl390

Thank you:)

Your welcome!

See the little green ball

That’s what your aircraft’s actual heading/altitude

For the current weight, I recommend a lower cruising altitude. The heavier an aircraft is, the lower the cruising altitude should be.

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Thank you!

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